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Valdemarsviken is the only fjord on the east coast of Sweden and it extends 11 km from the city Valdemarsvik and out to the sea. The bay is situated in a valley and is surrounded in many places by steep mountains.

Access to bench

In the inner parts of the bay the water is 20-30 meters deep. At the fjord's threshold in the outer part of the bay the water is only 6 meters deep. The special environment offers a good supply of fish and a large proportion of larger individuals.


Östergötland's own province fish is the pike and it is often very large, which attract many anglers. In addition to pike, there are plenty of perch, pike-perch, herring and eel, as well as occasional salmon trout.


Sandvik's Estate is located just a few hundred meters from the sea and about 2 km out in Valdemarsviken. In the bay below the house, we have jetties with several berths.


To take advantage of the bay's best fishing grounds a boat is required. A rowboat is always included when you book accommodations, additional boats and engines (4 and 10 hp) can be rented. For those who want to bring your own boat, you're welcome. There is a boat launching ramp nearby.

Boat with motor available for rent

Fishing is best during March/April/May and September/October. To keep a good supply of fish the normal rules for sport fishing are mandatory. It means keeping a maximum of 3 fishes per person and day (except herring) and the released fish should always be treated with great caution.

It's fine to bring your own boat

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