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  Rental Terms
  Rental Terms

  • Who is liable?
    Liable for letting is Gunni Lindkvist.

  • When is my booking binding?
    Your booking is binding on your behalf as soon as it has been confirmed, orally or in writing, by us.

  • When should I pay?
    Half the rent is paid in advance, no later than 10 days after the booking is confirmed. The remainder of the rent is paid on arrival.

  • How should I pay?
    Payment in advance is done via postal giro number: 602 48 72-1. Cash payment is done on site at the estate.

  • What happens if I fail to pay on time?
    If you haven't paid the amount agreed upon in time we have the right to cancel your reservation.

  • What if I want to cancel my reservation?
    You can contact us and cancel verbally or in writing. If we manage to rent the cabin to somebody else we will reimburse part of your payment, an amount which is equivalent to half the rent for the new tenant. We will, however, deduct a handling fee of 500 SEK.

  • What if I want to rent for a shorter period of time?
    If you want to rent for a shorter period of time, less than a full week, you can only reserve the cabin a week before admission. The price varies depending on number of days and beds. The entire amount is to be paid in on arrival.

  • What are my obligations?
    You must take good care of the cabin and follow the current regulations and directions. You are personally responsible for any damage to the property or inventory that is the result of carelessness from you or members of your party. You must clean properly before departing. If you fail to do so or if you choose not to, you may buy this service from us.

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